My Trading Account Status 9/22/2014

Here are my holdings as of September 22th, 2014:

DescriptionSymbolQuantityDate AcquiredCost BasisMarket Value
AFLAC INCAFL10001/31/14$6,278.95$5,854.00
AFLAC INCAFL8903/27/14$5,540.75$5,210.06
AT&T INCT1008/22/14$3,463.60$3,550.00
DEERE & CO DE249/8/14$1,984.71$2,009.76

I didn’t make a trade last week. There is nothing much to report here.

DE will pay out a cash dividend of $0.60 per share on 11/3/14 to shareholders, with an ex-dividend date of 9/26/14. So maybe we will see an upward movement in DE in the next couple days. Maybe.

I am tempted to sell either T or DE so I can buy 11 shares of AFL, to make an even 200 shares, but it’s not the right time to sell yet.

My real bottom line on 9/22/2014: $16,624.38

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