Account Status: Back Over $17,000!

Here are my holdings as of August 30th, 2014:

DescriptionSymbolQuantityDate AcquiredCost BasisMarket Value
AFLAC INCAFL10001/31/14$6,278.95$6,146.00
AFLAC INCAFL8903/27/14$5,540.75$5,469.94
AT&T INCT1008/22/14$3,463.60$3,515.00

I made no trades this past week.

The cash balance increased from last week because I received cash dividend of $69.93 from my 189 shares of AFL. Now I have $1,985.27 of cash to work with. However I still feel that is not enough for selling a put. The search for something under $19 had been futile so far.

Again, I had YHOO on my watch-list last week, but the stock price just kept on going up. I think I have missed an opportunity to buy YHOO before the Alibaba IPO. So for the coming week, I might have to consider something else other than YHOO.

My real bottom line on 9/6/2014: $17,116.21

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