My Trading Account Status 7/12/2014

Here are the holdings in my trading account as of July 12th, 2014.

DescriptionSymbolQuantityDate AcquiredCost BasisMarket Value
AFLAC INCAFL10001/31/14$6,278.95$6,266.00
AFLAC INCAFL8903/27/14$5,540.75$5,576.74
NELNET INC CL ANNI12112/11/13$4,970.79$5,066.27

The DOW fell below 17,000 this past week, but the total value of my account remained above $17,000.

I made no trades this past week. Again there is nothing exciting to report. For some reason NNI jumped $1.10 a share on Friday 7/11 with no news. During after hours trading, it fell by exactly $1.10. Trading volume on Friday was 212.9k, which is double the trading volume on a normal day, but it is not unusually high. It does make me wonder what’s going on with this stock, even though I still like the long term prospects of NNI.

My real bottom line on 7/12/2014: $17,000.73

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