My Trading Account Status 8/9/2014

Here are my holdings as of August 9th, 2014:

DescriptionSymbolQuantityDate AcquiredCost BasisMarket Value
AFLAC INCAFL10001/31/14$6,278.95$5,919.00
AFLAC INCAFL8903/27/14$5,540.75$5,267.91
AFL Aug 16 2014 65.00 CallAFL Call-107/18/14-32.34-1.00

Looking at the table, do you notice what has changed from last week?

Earnings for Nelnet was announced this past week and it beat estimates by $0.07.  The stock price rallied soon after this news and it closed at $43.92 on Friday, August 9th, 2014. I sold all 121 shares in my trading account for $43.22 per share with a net proceeds of $5,224.53. My realized gain was $253.74.

With a P/E of around 6.69, I still like the long term prospect of NNI. I do hold shares of NNI in my investment account, but I think this rally is a good time for me to part with my shares in my trading account.

You might say that I sold too early, but given the volatile nature of the stock market this past couple weeks, I am satisfied that I made this trade. Having some cash in my trading account give me more trading options. I might look into selling a put next week. Stay tune.

AFL remained pretty much the same. It closed at $59.19 on Friday. I don’t expect the stock price to go much lower. Again I expect the $65.00 August 16th call to expire without me having to sell my AFL shares.

My real bottom line on 8/9/2014: $16,534.48

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